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HB 141 (annual suicide screenings for school-age children 8-18)

Peers largely supported this legislation but had several points of concern. Many were concerned regarding follow-up on the screenings, specifically regarding including a peer aspect in the screening process and mitigating stigmatization following a positive screening.  

Position Result: Support, with minor corrections/additions.


HB 427 (“Ban the Box”)prohibiting state post-secondary education institutions from asking applicants about arrest or convictions history)

Peers had strong positions for and against this bill. Exclusion from educational opportunities based on past mistakes was widely disliked; many were concerned specifically about dorm students. Several peers believed that acceptance to the institution should not be restricted; however, history would have a pertinent impact on on-campus living arrangements and should be divulged. The majority support the legislation.

Position Result: Support, with small changes (specifically divulging criminal history as part of on-campus living arrangements.

HB 448 (Medication and Patient Safety Act)

Peers supported this legislation so long as the medication in question was not classified as an opioid or narcotic or was known to be abused.

Position Result: Support, possibly with clarifications.

HB 520 (follow up to 2022 HB 1013)

Peers largely support this legislation as written, with some expressing continuing and grave concern over the inclusion of involuntary commitment in this bill [when it became clear that HB 41, a separate piece of involuntary commitment legislation, was facing trouble passing because of its controversial nature, it was administratively consolidated into HB 520, which is generally considered must-pass legislation.]

Position Result: Full Support with qualifications

SB 33 (removal of information used in involuntary commitment proceedings from Instant Background Check systems)

Peers supported this bill, but most were curious about the definition of the circumstances that would allow for this removal. Several peers expressed concern about the alteration of medical records but, given the proper circumstances, supported the bill.

Position Result: Support, as lon+ +as removal circumstances were thoughtfully considered.


SB 99 (exemptions from Certificate of Need requirements for certain rural Acute Care Hospitals)

Peers almost unanimously supported this bill, with the only holdouts having been provided conflicting information.

Position Result: Full Support


The “Collective” will continue to monitor any legislation changes and bills continuing to travel through the General Assembly. Feedback and input will continue to be solicited and accepted by the GPPC, and positions will be announced and updated as required. Policy Position Announcements will be published via the Georgia Peer Policy Collective’s Website at and peers are encouraged to contact their GPPC Region Representative. A Region map and contact emails for each Region can be found at

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