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It's Easy to Understand

The basic policy position of the GPPC is that we fully support any legislation that wholly supports improvement in the quality of life for people living with mental health concerns by actions that: protect individual rights and civil liberties, improve access to quality care and supports for health and mental health concerns; increase opportunities to live and work in the environments we choose; reduce stigma; and increase awareness that recovery from mental health concerns is not only possible, it is likely.


If legislation does not do any of these things, but does not do anything likely to cause hurt or harm to people living with mental health concerns, we as a group have no opinion.


If legislation does pose a significant risk of hurt or harm to people living with mental health concerns, including through the increased risk of interaction with law enforcement, we as a group will oppose it.* 

Bill Number; Name; GPPC Position

HB 4 DBHDD and maintain electronic inpatient psychiatric bed registry; require under consideration

HB 7 DBHDD; establish school-linked behavioral health grant program; provide under consideration

HB 8 Education; attendance policies consider mental and behavioral health; provide under consideration

HB 9 DBHDD of; create and maintain Georgia Crisis and Access Line; statutorily require under consideration

HB 16 Labor and industrial relations; use of sick leave for care of immediate family members; extend sunset provision under consideration

HB 37 DCH; mitigate potential loss of Medicaid coverage caused by discontinuation of Families First Coronavirus Response Act; provide under consideration

HB 38 DCH; utilize appropriations for purposes of obtaining federal financial participation for medical assistance payments; provisions under consideration

HB 41 Mental health; emergency involuntary treatment for mental health and alcohol and drug dependency; revise procedures under consideration

HB 62 Georgia Health and Economic Livelihood Partnership (HELP) Act; enact under consideration

HB 76 Training requirements for marriage and family therapy license; revise under consideration

HB 85 require bio marker testing to be covered by health insurance policies under certain circumstances under consideration

HB 140 State employees; three-year pilot program to provide coverage for PANDAS under consideration

HB141 Education; require local school systems to conduct suicide screenings on all students age eight through eighteen; enact by Mainor, Mesha (56th )under consideration

HB 172 Mental health; notice of admission and daily updates to the parent or legal guardian of an involuntary minor patient under 12 years of age; provide under consideration

HB 184 Insurance; mental health parity requirements; include a specific federal regulation under consideration

HB284 Insurance; health care sharing ministry; change definition; provisions under consideration

HB 343 Lowering Prescription Drug Costs for Patients Act; enact under consideration

HB 361 Eurie Lee Martin Act; enact under consideration

HB 378 Insurance; autism; Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders; update reference under consideration

HB414 Mental health; grant program to aid service members, veterans, and their families; provide under consideration

HB427 Post Secondary Education ; prohibit in situations from asking applicants whether they have been arrested or convicted of certain crimes under consideration

HR 12 Leadership in Georgia's counties; combat housing insecurity and homelessness; urge under consideration

SB 3 Reducing Barriers to State Employment Act of 2023under consideration

SB 20 Surprise Billing Consumer Protection Act under consideration

SB 33 Georgia Crime Information Center; a judicial procedure for purging a person's involuntary hospitalization information received by the center for the purpose of the National Instant Criminal Background Check System under certain circumstances; provide under consideration

SB 62 Homeless - Camping under consideration

SB 99 Certificate of Need Requirements; exemption for acute care hospitals established in rural counties that meet certain criteria; provide under consideration

SB 157 Professions and Businesses; preclearance process in the licensing of individuals with criminal records under consideration

* Because all people, but especially people of color, are at a higher risk of experiencing harm during apprehension, arrest, or detention.

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