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The policy positions of GPPC are determined by popular vote of Georgia's mental health recovery (peer) community at the Georgia Mental Health Consumer Network and will be updated by regional representation throughout the 2023 legislative session.

A  peer is someone who self-identifies as a person living with a mental health concern, challenge, illness, diagnosis, etc who is in or seeking mental health recovery.

2024 Legislative Priorities

  1. Address Georgia’s mental health workforce shortage by expanding the certified peer specialist (CPS) workforce and supporting a salary increase in parity with other service providers

  2. Statewide access to local, in-person mental healthcare services

  3. Expand housing opportunities for peers as a foundation for increased stability in mental health recovery

  4. A minimum of one peer must be invited to participate on each legislative/gubernatorial commission, study group, or panel created to advise about mental health

  5. Increased access to transportation, especially in rural communities with limited mental health services

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